Whoa, This Just Got Real – Can You Help?

I have some incredible news to share about The Tory Day Fund!

Sunnybrook has confirmed that they will be launching a “buddy” program for cancer patients this year! And our discussions with them about The Tory Day Fund have been the catalyst to make it happen.

Remember when we launched the fund just six weeks ago with a focus on improving the comfort of cancer patients, and told you about this example from Tory’s experience to highlight how a “buddy” program could have a big impact?

The first treatment day for most chemotherapy patients is dizzying. Despite the efforts of treatment centres like the Odette Cancer Centre at Sunnybrook to make the experience run smoothly, there are countless tips and tricks that are only learned with experience. A “buddy” program that matches cancer patients entering treatment with a former patient or caregiver would provide more comfort on this critical day.

Throw me to the wolvesWith almost 25,000 chemotherapy treatments administered per year (stop and let that number sink in for a minute), the Odette Cancer Centre at Sunnybrook recognizes the need to make patients’ first experience less stressful – more comforting even. The early plans for the program include:

  • 2-4 volunteers welcoming patients and their families to the centre
  • Measures to improve patient comfort during and after their visit — for example, better quality wigs

Here’s the thing, though: Sunnybrook cannot launch this program unless we meet our fundraising goal of $50,000. I need your help to make it happen. If you were ever planning to contribute, now is the time — here’s how:

Sunnybrook logoSome of you might still be hesitant to donate … Maybe you don’t live in the Toronto area and want to donate closer to home. Maybe you didn’t know Tory well and you want your donation to be more personal. Maybe you’re just leery of charities in general. I get it.

Donations to charities are decreasing and that’s making life very difficult for even large non-profits like the Canadian Cancer Society. Personally I think some of that is self-inflicted: donors are tired of not seeing the direct impact of their donation, and they’re tired of seeing dollars wasted on administration and high-cost mailings. Here’s why The Tory Day Fund is different:

  • Your donation will directly fund the “buddy” program at Sunnybrook – you will know your dollars made a difference
  • We’ll ensure the funds are used to improve patient comfort by relying on volunteers as much as possible, and minimizing overhead costs

IMG_20151013_215042 (2)If I still haven’t convinced you to donate, let me give it another shot – and I’ll admit this one is pretty personal. Here’s why I’m desperate for this program to launch, and it’s not just because it’s sorely needed.

It’s our chance to provide a powerful legacy for Tory’s family, her friends, and her colleagues… and for anyone who’s lost a loved one to cancer. This our chance to turn an absolute tragedy into something beautiful, offering a program that will make the lives of thousands of cancer patients more comfortable – even just for a day:

  • Donate for Tory, who despite living life to the fullest was robbed of almost half hers.
  • Donate for Tory’s mom Linda, who fought and lost the same battle more than 20 years ago.
  • Donate for Hal and Matt and Peter and their families, who lost their ringleader.
  • Donate for Tory’s girlfriends, a legendary group of women who lost their top troublemaker.
  • Donate for Kate, who lost the best mom she could ever dream of having.
  • Donate for your loved one, so their legacy lives on.

We have just 86 days left in The Tory Day Fund campaign and need exactly $33,141 to make the buddy program at Sunnybrook a reality. Thank you for your support!

Have a great day.


P.S. Please help us get the word out by sharing, liking … anything to amplify our message. Thanks!


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