Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Tory Day?

First of all The Tory Day Fund doesn’t honour someone named Tory Day. I’m sure there are a few people with that name and they’re probably very nice. But the term celebrates Tory Butler and was coined to describe time spent doing things that brought her comfort — wearing pink, eating sweets, drinking good wine or bubbly, and by being kind. It’s a feeling we want to spread to those undergoing cancer treatment.

Is The Tory Day Fund a registered charity and will tax receipts be provided for donations?

Our donation partner Chimp: Charitable Impact Foundation (Canada) provides our charity status and their charity number is 845528827 RR0001. And absolutely, all donors will receive a tax receipt. Celebration Event tickets aren’t donations — you won’t receive a tax receipt for those.

OK, I really want to support The Tory Day Fund. What exactly do I need to do?

Here’s exactly what you need to do:

  • You can make a donation of any amount at any time by donating now. You’ll be taken to our charitable-giving platform, Chimp: Charitable Impact Foundation (Canada), and all donations will go to The Tory Day Fund and receive a tax receipt.
  • You can  create a fundraising campaign of your own with Chimp: Charitable Impact Foundation (Canada) and all funds raised by your campaign will go to The Tory Day Fund and receive a tax receipt.
  • You can buy a ticket to The Tory Day Night of Nonsense.

What’s the process to make a donation to The Tory Day Fund?

There are a few ways, and we’ve made the process as simple as possible:

  • You can donate with a credit card. You’ll be taken to the secure site of our partner, Chimp – Charitable Impact (Canada), to process the donation
  • We can accept cheques made out to “The Tory Day Fund c/o Chimp: Charitable Impact Foundation (Canada)” and mailed to the address listed near the bottom of this page
  • Coming soon, we can also accept transfers of securities that indicate the “The Tory Day Fund” as the recipient account

What is the Celebration Event?

The Tory Day Fund Night of Nonsense is a time for all of us to come together and celebrate Tory and raise funds in her honour. One of the positive things produced by our loss is the village of friends and family that has formed to remember her, and create The Tory Day Fund. As always when this village gathers, expect a ton of fun.

Tory baby photo (2)How do I buy tickets for The Tory Day Fund Night of Nonsense?

You can buy your tickets here. And buy them today — the event is guaranteed to sell out.

What’s the difference between the Celebration Event and The Tory Day Fund Night of Nonsense.

Zero. The Tory Day Fund Night of Nonsense is the Celebration Event.

If I buy more than one ticket to the Celebration Event, is there a discount?

Nope, sorry. All profit from the event will benefit The Tory Day Fund, and we’re doing everything possible to minimize the cost while maximizing the nonsense.

Can I make a donation to The Tory Day Fund without attending the Celebration Event?

Absolutely. We’d love to see you at the event, but no worries if you can’t make it. You can donate to the fund or create your own campaign. Either way, we appreciate it! And all donations will go to The Tory Day Fund and receive a tax receipt.

What’s up with the name, The Tory Day Fund Night of Nonsense?

Well, anyone who really knew Tory would get it. She loved nonsense and would say anything to get a laugh, especially after a glass of wine. We named the event — like everything we’ve done with The Tory Day Fund — with her spirit in mind. It’s 100% Tory.

Fundraising is difficult, and I already ask my friends, family and coworkers to support other causes.

First, that’s not a question 🙂 But hey, we get it. Charity is a very personal thing and of course you get to manage what causes you raise funds for. But if you feel as passionate about The Tory Day Fund cause as we do, you’ll find a way to make it happen.

My employer would like to make a donation to The Tory Day Fund. How do they make that happen?

That’s huge! Corporate donations enable The Tory Day Fund to scale quickly and make an even greater impact. Please contact us and we’ll coordinate the donation with your employer.

I’ve already bought a ticket to the Celebration Event. How else can I help?

Woohoo! Thanks for your support. Check out this link for more ways to contribute to The Tory Day Fund. And keep fundraising!

What’s the fundraising goal for The Tory Day Fund?

It’s our first year and we’re just getting started in a very crowded fundraising field. But we also want to be aggressive and capitalize on the outpouring of support for Tory. Our goal is $50,000. We can do this!

How will I see the impact of my donation?

Great question, and this is an area we’re especially passionate about. The Tory Day Fund has a very clear mandate and fundraising goal, and we will communicate each project that receives funding. Our aim is to show progress quickly and build momentum — but at the same time,  we want to do things right. If it takes a year or more to fund the right projects, so be it. Be sure to sign up for updates in the right sidebar and we’ll keep you posted on our progress.

OK, I’ve bought my Celebration Event ticket and I’ve started a fundraising campaign. Any tips to help me out?

First, make a plan. Is it easier for you to get several donations of a few bucks each, or a few large donations? Figure out what’s best, and make a list of the people and/or companies to target first. Or, plan a fundraising activity — and there are hundreds of ideas for that. Look out for a future blog post with a few ideas, including one truly inspiring story from The Tory Day Fund’s first donors.

I understand that I need to use a credit card to make a donation and that makes me nervous. Is the site secure? And what about my personal data?

The payment processor that our donation partner Chimp uses is called Stripe, and is compliant with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards. None of your payment information is stored on Chimp’s servers. And Chimp employs physical, electronic and procedural safeguards to protect their systems and all personal information under their control against unauthorized access and use. All safety and security measures are appropriate to the sensitivity level of the information collected. And all Chimp service providers and agents are contractually required to maintain the confidentiality of your personal information, and may not use the information for any unauthorized purpose. For more details, click here.

Thanks, but I’m still nervous about using my credit card online. What other option do I have?

No worries, we can go the old-school route too. Dust off your cheque book and stamps, and make the cheque payable to “The Tory Day Fund c/o Chimp: Charitable Impact Foundation (Canada)“. Then mail it to:

  • Chimp: Charitable Impact Foundation (Canada)
  • 1250-1500 W. Georgia Street
  • Vancouver, BC
  • Canada V6G 2Z6
Who designed The Tory Day Fund logo?

Austin Guglietti, a much-loved family friend, designed the logo. Perfect, isn’t it?