About the Fund

Millions of dollars are raised each year by charities in Canada to fund cancer research, and many great strides have been made in the quest to find a cure and treat the disease more effectively. The CIBC Run for the Cure, Relay for Life, the Ride to Conquer Cancer and countless others are on the front line of funding this critical work.

The Tory Day Fund is different.

The Tory Day Fund is a charitable organization named in honour of Tory Butler, an extraordinary mother, friend, sister, daughter, aunt and wife, who lived life to the fullest. Tory was legendary among those who knew her for her ability to find the perfect gift, mail a card at just the right time, send a text with exactly the right message, and host a party when it was needed most. She cared deeply about those closest to her, and made every effort to make everyone feel comfortable.

Tory died of breast cancer in March 2017, leaving her friends and family to mourn the great loss in our lives and hearts. She left a legacy of kindness and comfort. The term “Tory Day” was coined to describe time filled doing whatever you want, wearing something pink, eating sweets, drinking good wine or bubbly, and by being kind.

The mandate of the Tory Day Fund is to bring comfort to those undergoing cancer treatment.

The word comfort is important, because anyone who has undergone cancer treatment knows there is nothing at all comfortable about it. And that’s the point. We’re working with the Sunnybrook Foundation and other charities to introduce or improve programs that provide more comfort to cancer patients. For example:

  • Most chemotherapy treatments are administered with the patient resting in a chair. In the latter stages of her illness, Tory received treatment while lying in a bed and it was a game-changer. It gave her the ability to sleep, sit up when she wanted, and just be more comfortable. Tory wanted all patients to have their own bed.
  • The first treatment day for most chemotherapy patients is dizzying. Despite the efforts of treatment centres like the Odette Cancer Centre at Sunnybrook to make the experience run smoothly, there are countless tips and tricks that are only learned with experience. A “buddy” program that matches cancer patients entering treatment with a former patient or caregiver would provide more comfort on this critical day.
  • Tory had fabulous hair, and she took great pride in it never touching a colouring bottle. Tory shaved it off in a ceremony with her girlfriends and replaced it with an equally fabulous wig made of human hair. This is a luxury for most chemotherapy patients, and she felt fortunate to make it happen. High-quality hair that provides comfort shouldn’t be a luxury.

We’re just in the early stages with these initiatives, and The Tory Day Fund will ensure they come to life.

Oh, and one very important point: Nearly every penny of donations will go toward funding these initiatives. Other than the minimal fees charged by our investment account and charity platform, no administrative costs will be paid out of the fund. Costs for the Celebration Event will be paid entirely by ticket sales.